Plywood and Prelam Particle Boards

Est. 2008.

Our Vision:

  1. 1. To entertain customers and expanding horizons of wood related products with help of new machineries and useful concepts.
  2. 2.Delivering value for money products and maintaining a standard quality.

We have successfully delivered our products at every major cities and related areas of the country.

While we’ve grown, a few fundamentals have remained constant. We’re still a family-owned business with client commitment and superior partnership foremost in mind on every job. We’re still driven to bring creative products and expertise. We also love what we do—and it shows, in both the quality of our work and in the enduring relationships that have fueled our company growth.

Your Next Question Might be:  Why Sajawat ?
Here is the answer : We have exclusive selection of raw material with use of high grade chemicals and resin.
- Highly Experienced Man Power, Which leads to faster and long lasting Product manufacturing.
- Guaranteed 4 Day Delivery.
- Looking to match same design? We can do it ANYTIME.
- Superior Quality Decor Paper.
- Wide Range of Decor Paper Design Selection to Choose from.

We’re always looking for people to experience our product. Are you next? Let’s talk.

quality is our standard